From email to BGCC Administrators, 4th October, 2023:


Thank you to the Club representatives who attended the recent training sessions on Paddle Australia's integrity, disciplinary and grievance policies, in which we covered key safeguarding rights and responsibilities, and the updated process for managing poor behaviour and interpersonal conflict under the following policies:  

·         National Integrity Framework

·         Code of Behaviour

·         Personal Grievances Policy

 We trust that these sessions helped attending Clubs understand the importance of these policies and the support that is available.  


If your Club wasn’t represented at the sessions, it is important to understand that your Club Committee and your members have rights and obligations under the policies, so please ensure you watch the session recording, familiarise yourself with the policies and other materials, and reach out to the Paddle Australia National Integrity Manager with any questions you have. 


Below you will find links to useful resources and action items we would be grateful for your assistance with to bring these policies to life in our sport.  


Finally, please also find below an invitation to a “Child Safeguarding and the Law” webinar hosted by the NSW Office of Sport on 12 October 2023.


Please feel free to contact Liam Bourke (Paddle Australia National Integrity Manager) if you have any questions or concerns in this space: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0426 363 302.


Thank you once again for your Club’s support in this important area.

 Yours in paddling, 

Paddle Australia & your State Paddle Association



Recommended Actions


1.  Record your Club’s commitment to implementing the National Integrity Framework in the minutes at its next meeting.  Encourage all committee members to view the training session recording.

2.  Assign a Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO) and Child Safeguarding Officer (if applicable) with specific responsibility for implementing relevant requirements and obtaining /providing information on behalf of your Club.  Assign these roles via JustGo (refer to guide).   Ensure that they have completed the relevant MPIO and/or Child Safeguarding eLearning course.

3.  Update your Club’s website to refer to current Paddle Australia policies and remove any outdated or inconsistent policies.  You may wish to use the following language: 


Paddle Australia has in place the following policies which apply to BGCC and its members:


·         National Integrity Framework

·         Code of Conduct 

·         Personal Grievances Policy

Please visit the Paddle Australia sport integrity webpage for further information about your rights and responsibilities under these policies, including how to make a Complaint. 

The Paddle Australia National Integrity Manager is available to answer any queries you may have about these policies: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..   


4.  Distribute the relevant policies and resources within your Club.  Clearly inform people that they have an obligation to ensure that they meet the expected standards of behaviour – and there are consequences for failing to comply.  Encourage people to access relevant eLearning courses.

5.  If you become aware of issues, encourage those with concerns to submit them to Paddle Australia via the Complaint Form and seek advice from me before taking any action to deal with issues.



Brenna Dodds – Director, Integrity Complaints, SIA

Lisa Purves – Director, Safeguarding, SIA


This event will be recorded and uploaded to the Child Safe Sport webpage.