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New Members

If you are interested in joining BGCC, please make contact with the membership secretary first.

If you could let me know:

Are you new to paddling?  

Check out our Taste of Paddling sessions, we’d prefer you did one of these sessions first, to make sure that what we offer is what you’re after.  Do you have a particular interest?  Ie, touring, racing, fitness, white water?

Are you an experienced paddler?  

What sort of paddling do you do?  Are you interested in squad training? Canoe Polo?  Recreational paddling?  Do you have your own kayak?

What are your expectations?


Please note that we may not offer the trips away, white water, or sea kayaking that you might be looking for.  If you are looking for kayak storage you will need to be an active club member for 3 months before being eligible. 


Membership  Fees 

New Memberships and Renewals, via JustGo

BGCC membership is now all accessed via Paddle Australia (PA), using JustGo + Stripe.

• Paddle Australia Membership Login

Use one (or more) of the Guides or click on the orange "Join or Renew" button. Make sure you choose Burley Griffin Canoe Club!

If you currently have Boat Storage and Key hire you can pay them with your membership.

Don’t pay these extra’s if you don’t already have access to them!

All BGCC members must also join Paddle NSW/Paddle Australia. BGCC’s affiliation contract requires all of our BGCC members to also be PNSW/PA members, so that everyone is covered by the Club/State/National insurance for all Club-sanctioned Events as well as our committee and coach insurance and your personal insurance for whenever you are on the water or travelling to and from paddling.





PNSW fee

BGCC fee



For New Members only: Fee


Adult Member








Junior Member (aged 10yrs to U18yrs as at 1st July each year)








Junior Member - aged under 10yrs at 1st July








Family membership (1 or 2 adults and 1 or more  children U18yrs)       Discounts for Family membership of 1 or more Adult + 1 or more Junior
















Adult Single Event Membership








Junior Single Event membership








Non-paddlers who are volunteers, officials, carers - FREE








Note: Family Membership: there is now a 30% discount on the PNSW fees for a Family, of 3 or more at one address.

PNSW also provides single event membership ($24) for PaddleNSW events (which includes club events).

The payment of the above fees gives you Standard Level BGCC Membership, with the right to use club boats appropriate for your paddling ability.


BGCC Membership Upgrade 2024-25

If you wish to apply for Boat Storage or a Shed Key – you must have been a club member for at least 3 months.  Applications can be found at administration – please apply before making payment. 

• Shed key is $80 p.a. plus a refundable deposit fee of $50 

• Boat Storage MUST be applied for, spaces are limited and there may be a waiting list, restrictions apply, see Private Storage under club rules & expectations

• Boat Storage fees $200 p.a.

• For storage and shed keys there will be a pro-rata payment in place from January.

• Application forms should be scanned and sent to Membership Secretary or for storage, directly to Boat Captain.

Once approved, the Membership Secretary will forward you the payment details.


Types of BGCC Memberships

Individual Adult Membership

• Entitled to participate in all BGCC, PaddleNSW, National or Australian Canoeing events

• Entitled to attend all BGCC annual and special general meetings

• Entitled to one vote at BGCC meetings

Family Membership

• 1 or 2 adults plus any number of related children (juniors) living at the same address.

• Entitled to participate in all BGCC, PNSW, National or Australian Canoeing events

• Entitled to attend all BGCC annual and general meetings

• Entitled to a maximum of two votes at all BGCC annual and general meetings

Junior Membership

• Is available to people under 18 years at 1st July

• Entitled to participate in all BGCC, PNSW, National or Australian Canoeing events

• Entitled to use all club boats, but must be under the supervision of a club coach or instructor, or their parent or guardian, whenever they are on the water

• Juniors under 12 years old must have a responsible adult (parent or guardian) stay at the water-side (or on-water in the vicinity), whenever their child is on-water.

Junior: Under 18 at 1st January in year of joining. 

Adult: 18 at 1st January in year of joining


PNSW/BGCC Non-Paddling Volunteer Membership

Non-paddling club volunteers need to register with PaddleNSW & BGCC but there is no membership fee.

Single Event Membership

This membership is provided for people wishing to take part in a single event (such as the Canoe Polo Invitational, an advertised tour, the Burley Griffin Bash marathon races or single club time trial.) This membership is only available for one event, after which it expires and the person would be required to become a normal BGCC member if they wish to continue paddling with the BGCC.

Trial (Visitor) Membership – by Invitation ONLY

This is aimed at people who know a BGCC member who is willing to take them out onto the water, to see if they would like to join the club. Trial (Visitor) Membership is for a maximum of 4 weeks. This membership is only available once to a non-member. A Trial Member is not permitted entry in advertised events, e.g. tour trips, canoe polo games, time trials, etc.

Benefits of Membership

For a list of benefits for Paddle NSW Inc and Australian Canoeing

see Why become a member

BGCC – for details see Club Rules and Expectations

Membership of the Burley Griffin Canoe club allows:

• Access to equipment

• Access to boat racks in the shed – subject to availability

• Access to coaches – but please remember that all our coaches are volunteers

• Club activities

• The Club Newsletter – Blazing Paddles

Expectation of Members

• All club members are expected to treat other club members with respect and to assist each other whenever it is appropriate.

• All club members are to sign in the log-sheets whenever they enter the club shed, for any reason.

• All club members are expected to treat club equipment with care.  

• All club members are not to use private equipment without the permission of the owner.

Any questions should be directed to the Membership Secretary

Mail List

You will automatically be added to a list to receive club emails. We encourage you to read these, but if you feel the need to opt out, please let us know.