While the Club Shed is generally available to those with shed keys, organised events will take a break over Christmas and New Year, with the last Paddle to Fitness Wednesday 16th Dec.;  last Thursday Paddle on 17th Dec.;  last Saturday Afternoon Paddle on 19th Dec.; and the last beginner club paddle on Sunday 20th Dec.

Organised paddling will recommence from Thursday 7th January; the Paddle for Fitness on Wednesday 16th and Tuesday paddles from 19th January. Please double-check with Coaches at: coaching opportunities

Please see the latest Time Trial Results.

Details of the event Saturday Summer Paddle Series-2020.

A Taste of Paddling

For non-members who would like to try out paddling in a one off session.  Bookings essential contact Patricia Ashton.

Participants will be able to try out a variety of boats, learn about equipment, boat handling, entry and exit techniques, basic paddling techniques and basic capsize procedures.  

Sessions are run over 3 hours at a cost of $95pp and all boats, life jackets and paddles are provided.

Dates for 2021  Saturday February 13th 8.30am - 11.30am, Sunday March 14th 1pm - 4pm

Or, if you know you’re keen to paddle regularly:

Join the Burley Griffin Canoe Club -  Join on line via https://paddleaustralia.azolve.com

New Members' Inductions will generally be held on the first Sunday of each month. We then offer beginner sessions at various times during the week, or, if you’re more advanced, there are training sessions with coaches which are more race & fitness orientated.

Find out more in Coaches and Instructor Opportunities

How we can continue to paddle within the guidelines. Basically: 

1. Don’t attend if sick or recently arrived from overseas or recently in contact with a high risk person
2. Be careful with vulnerable people: older people and those with underlying health conditions
3. Excellent hand hygiene. Soap-wash or sanitiser.
4. Extra cleaning on all high contact surfaces
5. Physical distancing. 1.5m and 1 per 4m2
6. Keep a record of attendance to help with contact tracing.

Please read this document and comply with these conditions