Minutes: BGCC Committee Meeting: November 2015.

Patricia Ashton, President
Russell Murphy, Deputy President
Anne Cronin, Committee Member
Scott MacWilliam, Boat Captain
Jane Lake, Committee Member / a/secretary Helen Tongway, Membership Coordinator


Tom Hicks, Treasurer

Meeting commenced at 6.30 pm at Wetspot, and concluded at 9.30pm 1. Minutes of the last meeting:

The Committee thanks Kiaran for the thorough draft. Action

A shorter action / outcome document will be drafted and circulated to the committee for consideration and finalisation.

  1. President’s report

  2. Treasurer’s report

Treasurer was absent so this item was postponed until next meeting:

  1. Secretary’s report:

    • Correspondence in / correspondence out

    • See following item: this will be covered in next meeting

  2. Committee membership:

Kiaran Lomas has advised that he is unable to continue in the position of Secretary, alsonside his other commitments, and tenders his resignation, effective immediately.

The Committee accepts the resignation, and thanks Kiaran Lomas for his extensive work for the club and for his ongoing support, including coaching the juniors, and the management of the 24 Hour event.

Jane Lake was nominated for the vacant Secretary position, seconded by Patricia Ashton. Jane Lake accepted the nomination, effective from this meeting.


  • The change in Secretary and the vacant committee position will be notified in the

    newsletter, also a request for nominations for the resultant committee vacancy. (HT action).

  • The new committee member will be considered at the December Committee meeting.

    Items for Discussion

6. 24 Hour Event 6-7 December 2015

The 24 Hour event is now around a month away, with preparation well underway. Action

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  • Anne Cronin to follow up with the 24 Hour Event team to see how more publicity can be facilitated, particularly with club members and around the clubhouse.

  • Clarify who the Safety Officer is, and safety management arrangements for the Event. (PA to follow up)

  • Shed clean up will move to the 28/11, one week before the event. (SM to action)

7. Proposed Coaching Course

The course for coaches was originally proposed for this coming weekend. The committee suggests that the course be postponed. Committee noted that it is desirable to finalise details one to two months in advance so that the program information can be circulated potential participants. Action: PA to follow up.

8. Overflow Parking

Works on overflow parking starting next week. Important that members and visitors understand the importance of only parking in the TAMS agreed areas, and not outside these areas. Especially for the TT and events where there will be pressure on parking.

May need signage and marking for events in future, to ensure that parking remains inside the TAMS agreed areas.

  • Note on Website advising / encouraging members to utilise the “overflow” parking at the picnic parking area down river, opposite Duntroon. (SM to action)

  • Investigate possible signage / marking for the parking area especially for events (SM to follow up)

    9. Pontoon

  • The westerly pontoon cannot be moved in its current state. Gary Rake is assessing the pontoon for status and repairs.

  • Concern that the carpet on the eastern pontoon may be causing deterioration. Gary is to inspect and make recommendations as to action re carpet etc.

  • Storage arrangements for the eastern (and canoe polo) pontoons need clarification. In addition, the eastern pontoon is in deep water, so we need to consider what safety signage / arrangements when it is on the water.

    Action: SM to lead in
    Follow up with Gary re status and repairs of main pontoon.
    Follow up with Gary re carpet on the easterly pontoon, and with the Canoe Polo group

    about the storage of pontoon.
    Remind Canoe Polo group of the need to get TAMS approval for goals.

    10. Ice Dragons Fenced Area:

    Action: PA to follow up with Ice Dragons
    Ice Dragons to be offered use of current area for a further 18 months as per current

    Can undertake alterations/ renovations to current building area at their cost in consultation

    with the BGCC;
    Encourage the Ice Dragons to put together a strategy for the Ice Dragon future, including


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11. Recording of use of equipment / shed

Committee discussed concerns that records of boat use and shed use were incomplete.
Action: Committee to consider ways in which current arrangements can be improved to facilitate and encourage accurate record keeping given that this is important for equipment management, security and club management.

12. SUP equipment

Kiaran Lomas advised that the SUP equipment purchased with assistance from The Australian Sports Federation to support the juniors development, has loss and damage, with boards damaged and fins damaged, missing leashes, pumps not working and possibly one SUP missing. Records of equipment use are inadequate or missing.

SM, Boat Captain noted that the oversite of SUP boards, are not under the responsibility of the Boat Captain, and responsibility for managing these resources is currently unclear.

Action: SM to lead.

  • The SUP Coordinator to be approached to ensure that arrangements for monitoring the use

    and state of SUP equipment is in place.

  • An assessment / stocktake of the status of equipment is required, so that repair can be

    considered / arranged.

    13. Coordinators reports:

    Useful reports received from coordinators, noted by the Committee:

  • Russell Lutton Marathon Coordinator noted Wetspot summer TT functioning well; BGCC

    won the 2015 M10 series and PNSW ICF trophies; commenced preliminary planning for BgCC

    M10 race 27 February 2016;

  • Publicity: range of articles including Canberra Times, Canberra local papers and magazines;

  • Next Blazing Paddles due 30 November: Helen Tongway to edit;

  • Taste of Paddling session on 8 /11 and 13/12: Patricia, Helen and Anne

  • Beginner Induction: Helen and Patricia Sunday 1st (4 due, 3 attendees);

  • Canoe Polo invitational report: budgeting and planning, to cover costs with a possible

    surplus. Plan for 11 teams to be involved, including possibly some junior matches.

  • Consideration of arrangements and timing of club Xmas BBQ to be discussed between

    committee and Social Coordinator. (PA to lead)

    14. Outstanding from last meeting


    • Treasurer away: postpone until next meeting:

    • Jane Lake (Secretary) to be added as signatory to account;

      AGM Minutes

    • Draft Minutes from AGM outstanding:

    • related work (constitutional amendments etc) will wait until Minutes received;

      Strategic Plan

Anne Cronin to lead on initial work, on updating strategic plan. Consultation processes to be


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Proposed business Plan / budget
Jane Lake to pull together a first draft structure for consideration by committee for a short

18 - 24 month “action’ focussed business plan / and linked budget.

Induction Courses:
Helen Tongway to prepare standard procedures / sign off / reporting / recording

arrangements for induction programs for the club. This should allow for inductions to be conducted and recorded consistently by more members.

Meeting closed 9.30pm.
Next meeting 7 December, quarterly meeting with Convener reports.

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