BGCC December Committee meeting: Minutes

Date: Monday 7th December 2015 Where: Wetspot

1) Attendance

Present: Patricia Ashton (President); Russell Murphy (v/President); Jane Lake (Secretary); Tom Hick (Treasurer); Anne Cronin (Committee member); Scott McWilliam (Boat Captain); David Gordon (A/Boat Captain) Kate Miller (SUP coordinator); Robin Robertson; John Harmer

Apologies: Helen Tongway; Kiaran Lomas; Bob Collins, Russell Lutton, Kai Swoboda (Canoe Polo), Litsa, Russell and Caroline

2) Minutes of previous meeting:

- Minutes of the September and November meeting (as circulated by Jane Lake (Secretary) accepted: Nominated PA; Seconded AC.

- Note: still don’t have draft minutes for the AGM.

3) President’s report

- 24 Hour ; fun, good weather, expect around $3,000 for Autism Australia; - See Blazing Paddles for President’s report;

4) Treasurer’s report

- Financial statement shows that the club has $25,000 in account including incomings and outgoings;

- 24 Hour financial report will be prepared; expect the outcome to show a profit.

a) Income: Fitch (photo-shoot) company contribution: $500 from Cordelta; and

others. Want an invoice and receipt and bank account details. (see


b) Expenditure: Finalisation of the 24 Hour event needed

5) Correspondence

a) Correspondence in;

• Survey from PNSW; Patricia will be coordinating response

• Eurobodalla Shire Council: letter with attached executed licence agreement for

BGCC kayaking activities within public reserves at Nelligen, Batemans Bay,

Tomakin and Moruya: (No action required);

• Paddle NSW email: Patricia to respond;

• ACT Government: future governance arrangements re sporting community

organisations: Patricia to respond.

• Advertising material from South Sea Ventures; (no action)

• Advertising material from “Rapid Ascent” for the 2016 Falls Creek Mountain Raid.

(no action).

b) Correspondence out;

6) Items for discussion:

a) Changes in committee membership: Outcome: Following discussion: agreed to postpone decision to February meeting, noting the desirability of having a discipline representation;

b) Proposed constitutional changes: Outcome:

- Objectives: agreed that further discussion was needed regarding changes to objectives; (including discussion of the role of the constitution vis a vis more detail within strategic plans)

- Family membership: further discussion as to wording required, especially linking the discussion to membership costs;

- Termination of membership: Agreed that membership (and benefits of membership – such as rack space etc) to be terminated if membership unpaid by 1 October (3 months after membership is due);

- Proposal to change terms of membership of committee from 2 to 3 years: not agreed.

- Financial changes: the proposed changes are, in principle agreed: Russell Murphy to come back to the committee with adjusted wording for consideration.

Next steps: revisions of proposed changes to be considered again by the committee prior to being presented to membership

c) Club Boat Fleet;

• Sprinters advertised on the website for $800 ONO (more than $700)

• Patricia to pursue the purchase of two V7 to fill the gap ($1990 is the full


• Rack allocations full: Advice on website re the waiting list for rack spots and

expectations on use of racks;

• K4 to be hung behind the shed: Boat Captain will monitor use;

• Non members cannot use club boats: note that day membership can be

applied for ($15) to ensure insurance coverage;

• IceDragons: Discussions about renovations: Shane Lund to provide a quote

on renovations;

• Reminder that members using club boats and SUPs MUST use life-jackets

d) Shed Maintenance:

• Doors: People continue to damage the locks by using them to hammer the door locks on the second and fourth door: Looking to fix the doors and repair the padlocks....

• New shelf for the sign in book;

• Many thanks to David for all his work on the fleet, and assistance to Scott;

e) Blazing Paddles: is published at the end of the month: reminder to contributors to provide contributions by the last week of the month (Check?)


f) Events:

• Outcomes of recent events;

24 Hour successfully completed:

• Numbers down on previous years;

• Discussion on potential dates for next year given competing activities; this

will need to be decided early next year to allow for effective planning:

• What style of event does the club want in future?;

• RSPCA is the suggested organisation for donations for 2016;

• Upcoming events

• NSW Marathon series event and Big Bash: need to finalised details for

managing in the February Committee meeting;

7) Convener reports:

- SUP: Year has started OK: training not fully regular at the moment;

• Wednesday TT very important for the SUPers, providing a regular event for the SUP people within the club;

• PaddleNSW membership is useful for SUPers, but does not cover all the events that SUPers want to enter: some are covered by the SLSA rather than PaddleNSW;

• No calendar of events for SUP events pulled together yet – a mix of SLSA and PaddleNSW;

• Pump up SUPs are OK, one fin is damaged: not a lot of use of these SUPs – as most SUP members have own crafts:

• Reminder of the book in the shed for registering use: Asked that Scott (Boat captain) be emailed if any were out for more than a day.

- Marathon and TT coordinator: (Russell Lutton):

• See report: TT going well: need to get more volunteers to undertake

timekeeping etc;

• Marathon series and Big Bash: Arrangements need to be covered in the

February 2016 Committee meeting.

- Canoe Polo: (Kai Swoboda)

• Going well: including placings at interstate “invitational” events

• Pontoons: two out of water and being maintained prior to moving to

storage: remaining two in water: Concern re carpet leading to


• Training underway with 8 people at various stages of level 1 acreditation:

Weekly junior training being run with around 10 juniors on the water:

• Good use of plastic boats and equipment purchased two years ago, with

regular juniors moving to use own equipment.

• Current expenditure priority is to cover pool costs rather than purchase

more equipment.

• Patricia noted that pontoons in water to remain as is: Club will replace /

repair as required, given ongoing use by other paddle disciplines.

- Tri Support:

• Need to encourage volunteers to support the tri, for a number of reasons

including mutual support to other ACT watersport organisations; fundraising and that they Tri organisations also lend us safety equipment when needed by the BGCC for events.

• Discussion re advance notice: noted that these are advertised on the website and by email;

• Midweek tri to be on Wednesdays (overlaps with TTs);

• Good to get regular financial reporting so that coordinator is aware of

when tri payments to the club are made (and whether they are up to date).

8) Other business:

a) Fire extinguishers: second quote expected within a week for the check and refilling

of fire extinguishers as per insurance requirements: Anne Cronin following up.

b) RSPCA request to be the nominated charity for 2016 24 Hour – to be discussed along

with 24 Hour arrangements for 2016.

9) Meeting closed: 9.45pm

10) Next meeting: February 1st: Wetspot: