BGCC: April Committee meeting: Minutes

Date: Monday 4th April Where: Jane Lake’s home 31 Cambridge St

1) Attendance


Present: Patricia Ashton (P), Russell Murphy (VP), Tom Hick (T), Jane Lake (S), Helen Tongway (Committee member, Membership Coordinator), Scott Macwilliam (Boat Captain), Anne Cronin (Committee Member), Kai Swoboda (Canoe Polo Convener)

Apologies: Craig Elliott (Safety Officer)

2) March meeting draft minutes approved. Proposed Russell Murphy; Seconded Anne Cronin

3) President’s report: See Blazing Paddles

• Key points: new V7 boats in shed

• James French donation of K1: High quality boat, adds a quality K1 to the top of

the club’s fleet;

• Nationals: good results by club members

4) Treasurer’s report

• Approximately $25,000 in the bank (in addition to the term deposits);

• Expecting some income, including from Paddle NSW for race fees;

• one outstanding cheque (Autism Australia) for $1,000 (Patricia to follow up with KL);

• not expecting much in the way of membership income for rest of year;

• some bills including rego for trailer;

• Australian Canoeing canoe polo levy expected (Kai to follow up with TH);

Discussion noted:

• that it would be good to get consolidated monthly breakdown by category and a

more substantive quarterly report;

• monthly acquittals, (Bank statement; reconciliation; outstanding items) essential for

financial management and transparency;

5) Correspondence

a) Correspondence in; Nil b) Correspondence out;

• Secretary to draft a thankyou letter to James French from the President, for the donation of the boat;

6) Items for discussion:

a) Draft of proposed constitutional changes (finances): (see attachment)

Discussion: focussed on

• how the financial controls would work, and what would be “in the constitution”

versus in the finance operating processes;


• how to put in place controls over the use of the debit card to minimise fraud including controls such as:

o Limiting the amount of funds in the cheque account (which the debit card would be attached to);

o Daily limits on the debit card;

o Maintaining double signatures on the other accounts (including the term

deposits etc);

o Retaining two signature cheques for larger payments;

o Ensuring prior approval and recording processes are in place prior to expenditure

commitment; and

o The importance of monthly acquittals (bank statements, and reconciliations

against income and expenditure) provided to committee meeting;

Next steps:

• Patricia to talk with Mark Raymond (previous Treasurer) about the proposed

changes and his comments / suggestions for the next meeting;

• Jane / Patricia to talk with Bank about how and what controls can be put in place

on the accounts and report back to the next committee meeting; and

• Postpone the proposed SGM until the Committee is satisfied with the proposed


b) Canoe Polo:

• Kai Swoboda advised that the Canoe Polo arrangements were going well.

• Nationals for Canoe Polo coming up, but no women’s team due to a “lack of interest”


• Committee noted that participants must be current members of the club, and that there

are some whose membership was not up to date. The committee noted the importance of this, including because otherwise those non-members would not have insurance cover, and should not be benefiting from club facilities and services. Kai noted this and said he would follow up.

• Canoe Polo would be doing an assessment of equipment (batts, vests and safety gear) and would come back to the committee with an assessment of needs / equipment and fleet strategy for next year. And consolidation of the equipment, including writing off batts that were no longer useable etc and updating the assets register);

• Also come back with suggestions / issues around boat storage arrangements in order to improve on current arrangements;

• Key issue is the cost of pool hire for juniors’ practice sessions on Sunday afternoons during the winter. There are around 12 juniors who are expected to be involved. They each pay $5 for pool entry.

• The committee was asked to consider whether the Club would subsidise the cost of pool hire, up to $1,000 for the winter season.


Decision: Committee agreed to provide subsidy for pool hire for juniors, up to $1,000, (preferably through monthly invoicing from the Pool operators YMCA). The Committee noted that Canoe Polo should come back to the Committee with a further proposal if it was found that $1,000 was insufficient to cover costs for subsidising juniors.

Proposed Scott Macwilliam (BC); Seconded Patricia Ashton (P)

c) Shed extension: and related matters

Boat Captain Scott Macwilliam reported on the discussions with the ACT government regarding the shed extensions:

• Capital grant: discussions with ACT government were positive regarding a

potential capital grant contribution towards the shed extensions:

• Proposal needed by August as a “shovel ready” application:

(1) Application for $100,000 towards all three phases of the extension, indicating the quality of planning and preparation, and that the Club has/ will have equivalent funding set aside for the building extensions;

(2) noting that if grant turns out to be less, that the Club proceeds with the extension, starting with stages 1 and 2

v [stage 1: boat storage extension; stage 2: offices, meeting rooms, upgrading current kitchen area; Stage 3 toilet and showers etc];

v as stage 1 provides increased boat storage, it will be immediately income generating, with around 40 – 50 new boat slots

(3) that the change in arrangements with ACT government regarding the new lease arrangements has been approved by Cabinet and is being processed by TAMS;

(4) discussions continue with NCA regarding materials: NCA are reviewing current building materials policy. This will need to be resolved by the time the application is put in.

(5) Time frame is: Application in August; grant announcement January 2017; expenditure of grant within 12 months

Discussion: focussed on the timeframes and critical path issues and funding (see below). The Committee thanked the Boat Captain for his report, and the work done by the Building extension team in progressing these matters.

The Committee supported the approach proposed regarding the grant application to ACT government and the negotiations being undertaken with the various parts of ACT government and NCA.

Proposed Jane Lake (S) Seconded Patricia Ashton (P)

Related matters:

The trees on the northern side of the shed are due for removal by ACT government by the end of May. This gives the Club more flexibility with regard to the footprint of the extensions.


Funding of Shed extensions and Term Deposits: The committee agreed that the two current term deposits be amalgamated, and funds (around $17,000) be transferred from the cheque account to bring the total to $75,000 put aside in a term deposit for the building fund for 7 months.

Proposed Patricia Ashton: Seconded Anne Cronin

d) Boat fleet: Update on upgrading and maintenance:

• Two sprinters sold;

• Two V7 in shed and being used, new trailing rudders have arrived and will be


• James French donation of K1 is a top end boat, much better than current club K1.

o Jane to draft thank you letter for Patricia to send to James

• David’s maintenance of the fleet has been excellent: thanks to both David and

Scott for their work as Boat Captain and deputy BC.

e) Equipment update: PFDs and Paddles

• PFDs are sufficient;

• Replace space blankets and whistles for winter.

• Six flat blades purchased, and being well used; sufficient wing blades for now;

• Look at options for new wing bladed paddles: reluctance around possible

purchase new paddles at $300 or so each.

• Liaise with KL regarding junior paddle requirements.

f) Boat storage slots:

Patricia advised that she has analysed the information in the boat use records and there are some club members with boats in the boatshed, who are not using their boats anything like the 25 times a year requirements;

Discussion focussed on whether members were aware of the “boat use” requirements for slots and what action might be taken.

Action: the application form for boat slots will be changed to clearly state that these slots are for regular users – at least 25 times per year (Helen and Russell to action); Patricia to write to a few particularly limited users advising them of the ‘frequent use” conditions on the boat slots etc. Patricia will share the list of those with Committee members prior to sending letters.

g) Training and other events for members:

Patricia advised that there had been a meeting of three of the club coaches and Craig Elliott about setting up more structured coaching sessions at three levels aimed at skills improvement (beginner, intermediate, advanced). As a first step, a survey will be sent out to members to find out what members want re training. Patricia advised that discussion was needed about appropriate arrangements for a safety boat to cover the coaching.


h) Presentation Dinner

17th June, Hellenic Club: Friday night. Aim for $35 - $40 pp menu: Litsa is talking with the Hellenic Club on arrangements

Awards sub-committee Russell Murphy, Helen Tongway, Patricia Ashton: will liaise with the conveners

7) Other business:

Term Deposits: require rolling over: see 5 c) above for decision;

Computer / website: Helen to talk with Geoff Collett about closing down current email arrangements and setting up new ones for the Committee given that the current arrangements are not working.

Club Rules: Helen shared a “one page” version of the club rules for comment. The aim being providing a summary page that covers the most critical issues for the club, and refers on to the larger document.

Club Key application: Robert Stimson’s application for a club key was approved by the Committee. Proposed Patricia Ashton, seconded Scott Macwilliam.

Recreation User Stakeholder Group (RUSG). It was agreed that Patricia Ashton would be the Club representative on the RUSG. Proposed Scott Macwilliam, seconded Anne Cronin.

8) Meeting closed: 8.30pm

9) Next meeting: 2nd May, 6pm

At the home of Russell Murphy, 8 Kenyon circuit,


Attachments: Draft for proposed constitutional changes (financial management)


BGCC proposed constitutional changes re financial management



i. All monies of the Club shall be paid to the credit of the Club and shall be

accountable to the Treasurer of the Club.

ii. All expenditure of club monies must be in accordance with the rules of the Club.

iii. Anysuchaccountsshallbeoperatedonbyanytwoonesignaturesofthe President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, following internal Club authorisation as set out in Clause iv below. Accounts can include financial products such as debit cards

iv. Internal Club authorisation processes are as follows.

a. All expenditure must be approved in writing by a minimum of two of the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer prior to expenditure. For moderate and major expenditure [defined below], this step will follow the additional authorisation processes set out in (b) and (c) below.

b. Moderate Expenditure: Any expenditure in a single transaction, greater than the “lower threshold”, but less than the ‘upper threshold” [defined below in clause v] must be authorised by a majority of the Committee members prior to expenditure approval;

c. Major Expenditure: Any expenditure in a single transaction, greater than the “upper threshold” [defined below in clause v] must be authorised by a simple majority of those present at a Special General Meeting, or Annual General Meeting prior to expenditure approval.

d. Expenditure must not be split to bring it under a lesser category.

v. The “lower threshold” is one thousand dollars ($1,000). The upper threshold is ten thousand dollars ($10,000).

vi. The “lower threshold” and “upper threshold” can be amended by a simple majority of those present at a Special General Meeting or Annual General Meeting.

vii. The Treasurer shall keep full and proper records of ALL monies received and paid by the club, and associated records of expenditure approvals.

viii. The Treasurer shall place a brief statements showing the condition of club funds and financial position before each meeting.


ix. The Treasurer shall prepare a complete audited statement of income and expenditure of the Club during the preceding financial year and produce all books for inspection by members at each Annual General Meeting.