BGCC: March 2016 Committee meeting: Minutes

Date: Monday 7th March 2016 Where: Wetspot:
Time: 7PM

  1. 1)  Attendance:
    Present: Patricia Ashton (President); Russell Murphy (VP and Chair); Jane Lake (Secretary) ; Scott McWilliam (Boat Captain); Anne Cronin (Committee member); Helen Tongway (Committee member); Russell Lutton (Convener); Carolyn Williams (Convener); Ted Schneider, Lisa Schneider, Craig Elliott, Mark O’Neill (members)

    Apologies: Tom Hick (Treasurer); Gina Rassmussen; Kiaran Lomas

  2. 2)  President’s report: See Blazing Paddles

  3. 3)  Treasurer’s report

Postponed until Treasurer present

4) Correspondence
a) Correspondence in;

i) Possible ACT government grant re shed (see agenda item below); b) Correspondence out; None reported.

  1. 5)  Minutes of the previous meeting: Approved: proposer Anne Cronin, seconded Russell Murphy.

  2. 6)  Items for discussion:

a) Membership fees annual review:

Discussion: discussion noted that current membership fees were low, especially in comparison to other community sports club. There is also a need to increase fees in order to invest in the club – new infrastructure – shed extension as well as equipment and training. The current structure of family membership (the equivalent of 1 adult and 1 child) is disproportionately low, and should be increased in line with standard family charging – of family being the equivalent of 2 adults and 1 child.

A separate discussion as to boat use fees and the difficulty of enforcement will be considered next FY, following more analysis around costs to the club of the boat fleet and boat use. The Boat Captain noted that the current distinction on the use of robust versus other boats was almost impossible to enforce. It was also noted that juniors were using TK and K boats several times a week with coaching, but juniors were not charged a boat use fee.

Membership fees 2016-17

  • Family membership cost to be set at the equivalent of 2 adults and 1 child;

  • Adult membership: to increase to $70pa;

  • Child membership $35pa and

  • Family membership $175pa

    A sub-committee of Jane Lake (S) and Scott McWilliam (BC) and others they draft in, will consider the issue of fees and membership categories for 2017-18. Consideration of boat use fees to be considered by the committee next FY

b) Grants for Shed (see coro)


  • Committee agreed that the Club pursue a small grant with Sports and Rec for

    equipment for this year; and

  • Continue discussions with ACT government regarding a possible large capital works

    grant towards the shed extension works.

c) Events review:

Divisional Race and BGCC Bash:
Divisional Race: Very successful weekend of racing, with 60 BGCC entries amongst a total of around 200 boats: See Paddle NSW site for very positive report on the divisional race;
Overall comments were that BGCC had managed the race / process very well.
(ii) BGCC Bash: Good race, but not a large turn-out. 24 paddlers in 20 boats, with lovely weather. Query as to why the turn out so low, and whether visitors took the opportunity to do other things in Canberra rather than paddling again. Further discussion needed about the structure and approach of the Bash, particularly given the considerable requirements for volunteers and safety boats to run the race.

An initial financial report on the weekend was provided, indicating a profit – depending on the fees from PaddleNSW for entrants.

The meeting thanked Russell L and Helen T for their hard work and efforts in the successful running of the weekend of racing.

24 Hour: Anne Cronin noted that Kiaran Lomas had provided some more information re the 24 hour in response to her email, but not much that added to previous discussion

7) Convener reports:
a) As per Blazing Paddles and as attached (SUP)

8) Other business:
a) Safety officer position:

Craig Elliott (newly moved from Hunter Valley, where he was VP of the Club there; and previously a coach) was nominated to the vacant Safety Officer position. Craig accepted the nomination and the meeting unanimously agreed to Craig becoming Safety officer.

page2image20080 page2image20240 page2image20400 page2image20560

Decision: Craig Elliott appointed to Safety Officer position.

9) Draft constitutional changes regarding financial management
The committee considered three options for changes to financial rules for the club. The meeting unanimously agreed to continue with option 3. The two aspects of this approach were:

a) Putting administrative controls around the move from two signatures to single signatures – reflecting the move from cheques to paying by credit and debit cards and bank transfers;

b) Introducing additional controls for approval for medium and major expenditure – emphasising a greater formal approval role for the Committee

and the broader club membership. Decision:

  • the meeting agreed with the (3rd) approach, suggesting that a further refined version be considered at the next meeting; and

  • that the proposed constitutional change be taken to a Special General Meeting to be held instead of the May Committee meeting.

    10) Other Business

Possible budget / financial recording structure (chart of accounts) for 2016/17 Discussion: a possible structure for next year’s financial recording and budget was shared with the meeting. It was noted that this was a part of the development of a short business plan and a longer looking strategic plan. It was noted that this would help the club understand income versus expenditure and where the opportunities and costs are for future investment in the club – including shed extensions, boat fleet, and training. Comments were sought on the draft as a part of the development of next year’s financial reporting and budget. (Draft is attached to Minutes)

Discussion went on to include issues around flat-water fleet upgrading (previous meeting agreed to the purchase of two V7 to replace aged sprinters and improve robust boat fleet), the need for new club paddles for both juniors and adults – especially newcomers, and other equipment including PFDs (query insufficient numbers of PFDs in some sizes)

Decision: Committee to continue discussion on proposals for purchase of equipment out of session.

11)Meetingclosed: 9.30pm 12) Next meeting:

a) Standard Committee meeting Monday April 4th: 6pm: location: Jane Lake’s 31 Cambridge St Cook.

SUP Convener report;

page3image19976 page3image20136


Draft budget / chart of accounts structure for 2016.

SUP Convenor Report for 7 Mar Committee Meeting

The SUP crew has been busy since the last report. The ongoing challenge is figuring out what events are on to tailor training. There is no single ‘SUP’ calendar or overarching body that co-ordinates the local clubs.

The racing focus has been individual improvements in the time trial with Jo Nelson so far leading the ‘most improved’, but may be closely followed by Greg Cockerill. Both have achieved PBs but close analysis is required at the end of the season.

The Australian Sprint Titles saw both Greg Cockerill and Pete Garbutt compete. I can’t remember the results exactly but Pete came home with gold and Greg placed 3rd.

6-7 Feb was the Forster Island Paddle Festival event, with Canberra represented by Rohan Evans, Pete Garbutt and Lana Read. Well done to Lana for doing her first ocean race in tough conditions.

14 Feb was the biggest day the Canberra Crew has had this year, to support the Naish N1sco inflatable SUP event, sponsored by Wetspot and Naish. An excellent local turnout, with a few mates from Jervis Bay. Three distances (short medium and long) and a team relay event made for a hugely popular event, with the Canberra Crew cleaning up the medal tally. This is a key event to get people paddling, and competing. The World N1sco will be 4-6 Nov in Sydney at Jamieson Park.

Kate Miller competed in three of the four races of the Balmoral Race Series, with the fourth one being part of the Sydney SUP festival at Pittwater. Greg Cockerill did make to the event and loved it – there was a cracking downwind course and the main race was around Scotland Island. (19-20 Feb for reference for next year).

There was some ad hoc surf trips to the south coast, around Tomakin, Broulee and Moruya with all improving with practice, and of course new boards. Greg Cockerill competed the Noosa Festival of Surfing on the weekend (5-6 Mar in Noosa) – place not known yet.

Pete Garbutt and Rohan Evans competed in the Noosa Festival also (5-6 Mar), but in the BOP (both finished in the top 10) and in the distance race Rohan again made the top 10 amateurs and Pete 35 in the Professional category. Awesome effort from all.

Training is still held on Tuesday and Thursday morning Matt’s schedule permitting, and Pete running the session in his absence. We have all been training for The Saucy Jack Classic, (approximately 10 members competing) to be held in Newcastle 19-20 Mar. There is a BOP race on the Sat, SUP Polo and a 10km race on the Sunday. There is also a specific inflatable class that some are considering.

End of Report