Race 6 of the 2021 Marathon Series on the Lane Cove River at Lane Cove, will be hosted by LCRK. This has 10 and 5 km Lap Courses, with Div 1 paddling 2x 10 km laps + 1x 5 km lap; Div 2 - 7, 20 km Divisions paddling 2x 10 km laps; Division 8 paddling 1x 10 km + 1x 5 km laps; Divisions 9-12 paddling 1x 10 km lap; and Division 13 paddling the 1x 5 km lap. This is the State Doubles Championships event.

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ALL paddlers must complete the registration process. For the avoidance of doubt, that means BOTH paddlers in a Double, and ALL paddlers in anything bigger.


The Course will be a combination of a 10km and 5km Laps, with Division 1 paddling two (2) x 10km laps and then one (1) x 5km lap, and all other 20km Divisions paddling two (2) x 10km laps. Division 8 will paddle one (1) x 10km lap followed by one (1) x 5km lap. Divisions 9-12 will paddle one (1) x  10km lap, and Division 13 will paddle one (1) x 5km lap.

There will be no on-site pre-race briefing.
The Race Briefing will be emailed to all entrants, along with the Start List, on the Friday before the race. PLEASE READ THE BRIEFING - it will contain important information about the venue, the course, and what you need to do on the day.

Paddler Check-In:
Check-in and Number collection will OPEN from 08:15am.
Check-in and Number collection will CLOSE at 09:25am (before the Div 7 Start)
Please collect your number before 9:25am or you will automatically receive a DNS once the Race Clock starts.
Social Distancing will continue to be a focus for 2021, so please remember this when queuing for Check-in.

Paddlers entering for their first race in a PNSW Marathon Series, and any paddler wanting to enter anything other than the Division they last raced in, or were assigned to, should choose one of the "Ranking" race Divisions. (unless entering in Divisions 1, 8, or 9)This race will be run under the normal Divisional Racing format (Divisions 1 – 13) with some minor changes to accommodate this as a Doubles Round & State Doubles Championships:-
- Regular Doubles combos should enter their regular Division
- New Doubles combos are not required to complete a ranking race but must enter one Division faster than the fasted ranked paddler (e.g. if a Div 3 paddler pairs with a Div 4, they should enter Div 2 for this round)
- Entries will be reviewed by the Marathon Committee and ‘Fair Play’ adjustments may be applied
- Division 1 will race 25km (self-promote if you wish)
- Mandatory portage for Division 1 on the mid-river sandbar at Fig Tree Bridge on the return from bottom turn (2 x portages for 25km distance).

Refer to the 2021 Marathon Series Rules on the PaddleNSW website for full details of point-scoring arrangements for this race.

Start Times:
09:30am - Division 7 & 20km SUP
09:45am - Division 6 & 15km SUP
10:00am - Division 1, and then remaining Divisions at approximately 2 minute intervals thereafter.

All the usual Covid conditions apply - please don't enter or attend if you're even the slightest bit off colour, if you've been in, or you come from a Covid Hotspot, or if you're supposed to be in isolation for any reason.