Capital SUP is the Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Club for Canberra, the ACT and surrounding areas. Capital SUP is a chapter of the Burley Griffin Canoe Club (BGCC), based at Molonglo Reach. The club runs weekly time trial races, a variety of social events, competitions and training activities. The club also owns Naish inflatable SUPs and paddles, available for members to use.

Stand Up Paddle-boarding (SUP-ing) is a fun and easy way to play on the water. It looks like a cross between canoeing and surfing. However, unlike surfing, SUP-ing is very easy to learn and most people of all ages, skill levels, physical ability and experience can be up and enjoying themselves within half an hour of first standing on a SUP.

SUP’s are very versatile and are suitable for use any where you have access to water. They are a great way to explore the water at a relaxed pace and since you are standing at your full height you will get to enjoy views of marine life and a perspective you just do not get when you are sitting down. It is almost like walking on water!

Most beginners start on flat water and progress to ocean surf. SUP’s are very easy to learn to surf and most suitable for waves that are too small for surfers.

SUP’s are also much easier to move and store than most other paddle craft. This has made it a popular sport for females, particularly as they tend to be better at it, with their generally smaller stature and consequently lower centre of gravity than males.

SUP-ing offers an amazing full body workout that focuses on core body strength. It is an ideal cross-training activity and is a great sport for people looking for a low impact workout.

The Club has members who are very keen to share their sport with anyone that is interested in SUP-ing. Club members participate in regular social paddles, surfing trips, time trials and races.

If you are interested in SUPing contact the SUP Convener or you can check out the CAPITAL SUP social page on Facebook.