The Summer Saturday Paddle Series is a fun training event for BGCC members to participate in racing conditions and to develop racing techniques while improving overall fitness to complement their own training. There will be various courses, course lengths, and paddling conditions to test individual paddlers within the Molonglo River and Lake Burley Griffin.

It will be assumed that paddlers undertaking the training series will already have experience in paddling the Molonglo River, Kingston Foreshore, Dam Wall, East Basin and Lake Burley Griffin in general under various weather conditions.


At the completion of each race, paddlers are encouraged to bring their own breakfast (bacon and eggs, roles etc) for a social BBQ cook up and coffee.


  • Each paddler is undertaking the training event at their own risk. There are no safety boats.  Participants should check weather conditions before taking part.  
  • Changes to the course may be made by the organiser, depending on conditions
  • Each paddler or participant will record their own times over the set course.
  • Paddlers will be required to record their name prior to the event on the sheets provided and this will form the start list.
  • Paddlers will start at the same time.
  • The official start time is Saturday 8am.
  • Those paddlers who are slower may start at 7.45am prior to the official start at 8am.
  • Paddlers will mass start and finish at the club ponton.
  • Each paddler will start and stop their watch which will record their time for the set course which they have completed. BGCC will not provide timekeepers.
  • Upon leaving the water each paddler must sign off the sheet. This is to confirm a paddler has returned to the club for safety reasons.
  • Each paddler may record their individual time, distance, average speed and average heart rate if known.
  • All times will be recorded, tabulated, and displayed upon completion on the club website and distributed by club email.
  • Any paddler using a club boat must where a life jacket
  • It is strongly advised for paddlers who are not competent swimmers where lifejackets when entering Lake Burley Griffin
  • Should a paddler require assistance in open water on Lake Burley Griffin or within Molonglo River you are to immediately render assistance
  • This is not for a novice paddler. Should a novice paddler wish to participate in training then they are to remain within the Molonglo River.

Saturday Summer Paddle Series 1







3 October 2020


Two Bridges, Kingston and return



17 October 2020


BGCC Portage round



31 October 2020


To the dam and back



14 November 2020


BGCC Portage round



5 December 2020

5 km




19 December 2020


Multi – Two Bridges and portage or Dam and back (this may become the 13km Mini Bash for a trophy)