The popular Wetspot winter time trials have kicked off again for 2017. Thanks to the Wetspot crew for again supporting the winter series.

Details of the Wetspot summer time-trial series and point scoring system are set out below.

  • START DATE Wednesday 4th October, 2017
  • END DATE Wednesday, 28th March, 2017
  • DISTANCES one/two laps of our river course 
  • START TIMES 5:50 p.m. SHARP for two laps; 5.55 p.m. SHARP for one lap
  • LIFEJACKETS compulsory for all paddlers in club boats, Juniors and non-swimmers
  • FORMAT/POINT SCORING cumulative point score; the points from your nine best time-trials count towards your series cumulative total.
  • FREQUENCY/DATES please see the events calendar.

For this season, the point score remains the same, however there will be a handicap which doesn’t attract a point score.  The winner will get a free BBQ on the night.  Craig will issue a handicap on the home page of the club web site on the Friday prior to the handicap time trial.


The timekeeper is the final arbiter on whether it is safe to conduct a time-trial. Should someone capsize, the accepted protocol is for other competitors to assist if required. If you assist a paddler who has a legitimate problem on or in the water please see the timekeeper in order to have a time allowance made for your assistance. 

Please be aware that the time-trial attracts paddlers of varying abilities and confidence. Be courteous to others. When passing slower paddlers tell them you are approaching and on which side you will pass. Hold your line in the turns and give room to others areas where there are potential hazards.

Lifejackets are compulsory for all competitors who are in club boats, cannot swim or are under 16 years of age - in all time-trials.


The start/finish is in line with the blue buoy off the beach pontoon. Please warm up in the area east/left of the start. Stay to the right of the course. White buoys indicate some known danger and that some caution is required in that area. Paddlers must paddle to the right of the red buoys. 

To have your time recorded you must finish to the right of the blue buoy off the club beach. Please don’t pass between the blue buoy and the beach unless you are finishing. This is an international rule and should be followed at club level. A one minute penalty will apply to paddlers who do not finish in this way.


The format for the series is the same as for previous summer/winter time-trial series. There are two race distances to choose from: one lap (approx. 4.75 km) or two laps (approx. 9.5 km). The top turn is at the old Monaro Highway Bridge (i.e., paddle under the Malcolm Fraser Bridge and turn at three yellow buoys just before the water ski area). The other turn is at the three yellow buoys near the hospice. All turns are anticlockwise.

The time-trials are conducted on a natural waterway and sometimes marker buoys can move due to flooding or for other reasons. While every effort will be made to reset the course as before, it could potentially change a bit. Be aware also that as a natural waterway there can be snags and debris in the river, particularly close to the banks. 


Paddlers must nominate which of the two distances they intend to paddle and record their name, boat number, boat type (e.g. — K1, SUP, outrigger etc) on the relevant start sheet. If you change boat/SUP during the series—e.g., go from a TK1 to a K1—you will have to establish a new/initial six-point PB in the new craft. You cannot accumulate points based on the time/distance set in a different boat/SUP.

Make sure you receive and display a boat number so the timekeeper can record your time. 

The cumulative point scoring competition works like this:

  • All participants start with zero points (i.e., your points from previous series do not carry over),
  • Points from your best nine results (out of 12 winter time-trials) will establish your end of winter series points tally. The paddler with the highest accumulated points wins. 
  • Your first race over your nominated distance will establish your PB for that distance/boat and earn you six points in the cumulative point score competition. 
  • Should you beat your PB in a subsequent race (in the same boat over the same distance) you will earn nine points. 
  • Should you come within two per cent of your PB in a subsequent race you will earn six points. 
  • Should you finish outside your PB by more than two per cent in a subsequent race you will earn three points. 
  • Should you not complete your nominated distance, you will be given a DNF and earn one point. 
  • Timekeeper earns six points.
  • Double boats earn a PB for each crew member in their first race. Points earned will be given to both paddlers as individuals. If the boat crew/double boat change, it is necessary to establish a new PB.


We need you to time-keep! As per last summer, we will operate with two timekeepers. If you haven’t done timekeeping, let us know and we will place you with someone who has so you can learn the ropes. Please advise Craig Elliott or Patricia Ashton when you can time-keep, or learn to do so.


Paddlers doing the longer course have the option of portaging at the end of lap 1. Portages will be started on the pontoon placed to the right of the course before you reach the canoe polo court. Access the pontoon from either side and portage to the beach pontoon via the grass on the river side of the bike path. 

Those paddlers who intend to paddle at major events in K1s, C1s, K2s are encouraged to portage. Those portaging will record a time that includes portage time (you can’t improve your PB subsequently by not portaging). If you intend to portage, please note this on the record sheet and advise the timekeeper. 


Non-BGCC/PNSW paddlers are welcome to participate. However, for insurance purposes, they must to pay a $20 single event entry fee and complete the PNSW single event entry form. This is a mandatory AC/PNSW requirement.  


Results and the cumulative point scores will be published on the BGCC website as soon as possible after each timetrial.


For further information on the winter timetrial series, contact the marathon convenor, Craig Elliott.