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The Time Trial has been a regular part of the Burley Griffin Canoe Club for over 25  years.  It provides an opportunity gauge improvement in your paddling over a set course.  It also provides

The time trial is sponsored by Wetspot and a trophies are awarded to the winners of the summer and winter series at the Club Birthday Dinner.

This page contains the results of the previous week along with the rules for the Wetspot Time Trial Series.

Time Keeping

The Club is developing skills in for the use of an electronic time sheet.  Each week the start list will be posted on this page and an email will be sent to paddlers asking them to confirm their distance, number, class and advise if distance or race number will change for the following week. Each paddler will be given a race number on their first week which they are to use for each round.  If changes are required follow this link and note what changes are required. You do not need to advise us if you are not paddling.

This weeks start list is below:

Start List

The number provided will be on hard plastic, but stick on number can be requested, or a pin on number for sup paddlers.  Click on this link if you wish to order a stick on or pin on number and provide your name and current number.

Also note the number you have is your singles number.  If you paddle doubles you will get a separate number for your double, but you will retain this number if you change partner.


 The top ten point scores for the Summer Time Trial Series are listed in the table below:

Name Total
Robert BRUCE 102
Lincoln GIBSON 99
Emily GIBSON 96
Kiaran LOMAS 85
Ben RAKE 85
Tammy VEN DENGE 81

 The full point score list for at 25 Feb 15  is contained in the attached results file (PDF 30Kb).

Times for 1 Apr 15 are attached in the results file (PDF 41Kb).

Rules and Management

  • Course. The 4.35 km course has been extended beyond the first bridge and positioned towards the far bank (from the club beach perspective) in order to get as much distance within the river confines as possible. This time trial course is basically the one that will be used for next year’s Nationals. Over the coming months the course will be fine-tuned with more buoys added and a new portage arrangement configured. In the meantime the portage is around the trees as it has been in the past. 
  • The river remains closed beyond our 3 buoy turn in the direction of the new bridge work. Please don’t go beyond this point as we have made an agreement with the relevant authorities that our club members will comply with this request.
  • There are four course options:
    • 4.35km -1 Lap
    • 8.7km - 2 Laps (1 portage option)
    • 13.05km -3 Laps (2 portage option)
    • 2km - 1/2 Lap - turn point is located near the barbers pole
  • Safety.  There are no safety boats used for time trials. Paddlers are to aid anyone who has a problem on the water. If you assist another boat, report this to the time keeper and your points may be adjusted so you are not disadvantaged in the point score.
  • Eligibility and Costs. While visitors are welcome to attend, the following eligibility and costs must be satisfied before participating in a time trial:
    • BGCC Financial Club Members. Free.
    • Members of Clubs affiliated with Canoeing Australia (PaddleNSW) - Free.
    • Paddlers registered with Canoeing Australia (PaddleNSW) but not a member of a club - $5.00.
    • Non PaddleNSW Members. $15.00 - for PaddleNSW event registration.
  • Times:
    • Registration. Time trial registration for the race begins at 5:15 and will close five minutes for each distance five minutes before the scheduled start.
    • Start Times. The summer start times are listed below. The starter for the day, can combine starts if numbers are low but the 2 Lap time trial will always start at 6.00pm.
      • 5:45pm - 3 Laps
      • 5:50pm - 1/2 Lap juniors and novices
      • 6:00pm - 2 Laps
      • 6:05pm - 1 Lap 
  • Time Keepers.  Time keepers volunteer to enable the time trial to be conducted.  Each volunteer will receive 6 points. If you wish to volunteer as a timekeeper please contact the Time Trial Results Manager.
  • Point Score. Only Club members are eligible for the points score.  Points will be awarded as follows:
    • 6 points - first race over a particular distance, in a particular type of kayak/ski/canoe/sup.This time will be considered a Personal Best (PB)
    • 9 points - when the paddler records a faster time than their PB for the craft they are paddling
    • 6 points - when the paddler records a time within 2% of their PB for the craft they are paddling
    • 3 points - when the paddler is slower than their PB for the craft they are paddling by more than 2%
    • 1 point - when the paddler does not finish (DNF) the time trial
    • 6 points - when the paddler volunteers as time keeper or to support the BBQ (if the paddler, paddles first, they will score a minimum of 6 points for that round)
    • will then be allocated in subsequent tt’s on the basis of the paddler getting within 2% of that PB. Outside the 2% 3 points are allocated; a new PB earns 9 points and a DNF earns 1 point. 
  • BBQ. A post time trial BBQ is held most weeks and relies on volunteers to setup and cook. Volunteers will automatically receive 6 points.  The Social Member coordinates the volunteers for the BBQ. If you wish to volunteer please contact the Social Member.

Past Results

  • Times for 25 Mar 15 are attached in the results file (PDF 41Kb).
  • Times for 18 Mar 15 are attached in the results file (PDF 45Kb)
  • Times for 11 Mar 15 are attached in the results file (PDF 45Kb).
  • Times for 4 Mar 15 are attached in the results file (PDF 42Kb).
  • Times for 25 Feb 15 are attached in the results file (PDF 42Kb).
  • Times for 18 Feb 15 are attached in the results file (PDF 42Kb).
  • Times for 11 Feb 15 are attached in the results file (PDF 39Kb).
  • Times for 4 Feb 15 are attached in the results file (PDF 30Kb).
  • Times for 28 Jan 15 are attached in the results file (PDF 47Kb).