BGCC: February 2016 Committee meeting: Minutes

Date: Monday 1th February Where: Wetspot

1) Attendance

Present: Helen Tongway (Committee Member), Scott MacWilliam (Boat Captain), Russell Lutton (Convener), Patricia Ashton (President), Russell Murphy (VP), Anne Cronin (Committee member), Tom Hick (Treasurer)

Apologies: Jane, Litsa, Kiaran

2) Minutes of previous meeting – Helen confirmed that Big Bash should read Burley Griffin Bash. Minutes approved by Scott, seconded by Patricia

3) President’s report – as per Blazing Paddles

4) Treasurer’s report -

5) Current balance: $23,000- less about $2000- owed to Tom, plus term deposits

a) Income:

• 24 Hour; report forwarded by Kiaran – income of $3,300- less $1402.55

expenses, $925- to Autism Australia, = $972.45 profit

• Tri support;

• Donations;

b) Expenditure;

• 24 Hour; as per Kiaran’s report, only received just before meeting, not looked at

in detail

• Other – Chqs to be written for Bluline Sports, Gu $320- Wetspot $59.40 Patricia

$184-(printer ink, Hawkesbury expenses, beginners courses)

6) Correspondence

a) Correspondence in;

• Approach from Community CPS Credit Union re sponsorship; we’d be required

to transfer our accounts – not worth it.

• Canberra Community Information re BGCC entry: (done)

Quarterly bank statement

• Approvals from TAMS and NCA re Divisional race

• Invitation from Sports and Rec to a Grants Program meeting & luncheon

Thursday 11th. Bob and/ or Patricia to go.

b) Correspondence out;

Industry stakeholder review (Patricia A completed);

  • Entertainment Book - Sarah Marufu | Account Manager had contact BGCC re selling Entertainment book again - didn’t discuss Entertainment books, will email committee, but not really interested.

7) Items for discussion:

a) Changes in committee membership – as there were no other nominations, Helen was nominated by Patricia, seconded by Anne and elected as the 2nd ‘ordinary’ committee member.

b) Events:

• Marathon Series and BG Bash; Russell presented a rundown of where he is up to

with the Divisional race, all approvals in place, PNSW ‘event manager’ almost

complete, he is in the meantime developing a BGCC event planner.

• We have access to one boat so far, will contact Ice Dragons as TACT is also

running a triathlon. (Patricia to do).

• PNSW would prefer 3 boats however, a 3rd one in the middle of the river would

create too much wash. Patricia suggested a Hobie Pro Angler 14 – Russell to

check with PNSW

• There will also be a dragon boat regatta on east basin which could effect where

we place our buoy. We should also have a plan B in case of bad weather, ie a 4km course. Russell to contact TAMS re changing the course to the ‘2nd’ bridge and look into a 4km section.

• Bash – 13km and 30km, need to measure the course if we stay out of the rowing course, ie one or two laps around the Islands and back, via East Basin, on the Kingston side to the red buoy near the wetlands, then to the bridge turn on the river & back to the beach

• Canoe Polo to let us know about the pontoons

• Litsa proposed the purchase of a small oven for use in heating food like lasagne

etc. Committee declined suggestion – we’ll stick to BBQ. Patricia will ask if we

can borrow Litsas’ food warmer for the Divisional race.

• Patricia to ask Scott Hunter if Wetspot can donate for ‘Lucky Draw’ prizes for

both Divisional and Bash

• Wrap up of 24 Hour – Report not yet read by all committee, several points to consider for next Relay.

• Committee agreed to the 3rd and 4th December as the date for next Relay with the RSPCA to be nominated charity.

We will need to put a subcommittee together which will need to meet with Tammy (CEO RSPCA) in respect to the amount of advertising vs participation etc.

• Anne to contact Kiaran regarding amount of participants and breakup of teams from last year (not in report).

• Patricia to seek clarification on some of the figures for expenditure.

• $925- raised for Autism Australia, Patricia put forward a motion that we make it

a round $1000- , seconded by Scott, carried. Let Kiaran know. Chq to be sent with the names and addresses of those who took part – Autism Aust will send out receipts.

c) Club Boat Fleet management

• Scott (Boat Captain) requested that the committee adopt a policy for members requesting use of club boats for races etc. He explained the background and that

there seemed to be confusion as to whether it was a case of ‘first in’ policy, or ‘first in unless.... requests by juniors or those members without boats would then get priority, depending on the boat requested’. This leads to the Boat Captain being put in difficult situations and having to decide priorities for each circumstance, also that members requesting boats don’t know if they will have access to boat until the last minute.

• After discussion Patricia put the motion forward ‘that boats requested by members for use in races both local and away, regardless of the boat, would be on a first in basis’ – however, if one member has already had access to a particular boat more than twice, and the BC receives another request, the members should negotiate between themselves – if this doesn’t prove satisfactory then the Boat Captain may step in with or without committee approval. This was seconded by Anne? Carried.

• Further to this was the use of club boats for outings other than club events, ie training purposes (ie at Jindabyne, or ocean races), or for personal recreational use. It was agreed that Robust boats could be lent out for a weekend – if not required for other events, other boats, ie V8, V10, Mirage and other race boats will require 2 weeks notice, and maybe lent out only if the member has paid the appropriate membership fees, has the means to carry the boat safely, and there is no other event where it maybe required. A weekend would be at the Boat Captains discretion, however, a longer period would need to go to the committee and a fee for use may be imposed.

d) Volunteering – Carolyn’s suggestion about putting it in writing for all members. • See below

e) Club expectations from members

• Patricia revisited Rules booklet, updating ie juniors, volunteering, not letting

family & friends use club boats without ‘single entry membership’ & payment, as well as a cover note for all members on the benefits the club offers with the expectation of members volunteering.

• Helen said she sends out something similar to all new members

• A condensed version should be sent out to all members, put in the shed –

possibly on coloured paper, changing this occasionally.

• Anne volunteered to go through the draft, incorporating Use of Club Boats


• We should keep the Boat Captain duties as a separate item to the Shed/Boat


8) Convener reports:

• Canoe Polo as per Blazing Paddles

• Triathlon as per Blazing Paddles

9) Other business:

• Trees – Scott and Bob meet with TAMS to check damage done by falling branch at the back of the shed – Ice Dragons new OC6 was badly damaged.

• After some consultation, TAMS has agreed to remove all 5 trees behind shed, as pruning isn’t feasible, at no cost to the club. Work will begin soon, no time scale was given.

• Pontoons will need to be moved to the western end of the shed to be out of the way.

• Sponsorship – Cherie-Anne requested sponsorship for Breanna taking part in GP and Nationals as a junior

• Russell L asked about sponsorship for those selected for the NSW team for the Nationals, if someone was to tow the club trailer, or for uniforms etc.

• There has been a precedent on sponsorship for Nationals, however, as we don’t have a budget in place, the committee needed to check previous minutes where sponsorship had been debated to see what decision was made. Patricia to check and get back to committee. We’ll then let members know.

• One suggestion was $200 for National team selection and $100 for State team selection. Criteria should be the same for adults and juniors as far as who is eligible for sponsorship.

• Grants – Bob requested that the committee consider applying for a Capital Works grant for the shed again this year – we would need to commence paperwork and new quotes etc for Sept? Patricia put forward the motion that we agree to apply for a Capital Works grant – seconded Scott, carried

• Operational Grant, annual grant which Helen and Bob apply for, committee agreed to go ahead.

10) Meeting closed - 8.45pm

11) Next meeting - Monday 7th March