Paddle Australia (PA) and the State Paddle Associations (SPA) are very aware of some of the impacts COVID-19 is having on Clubs and their members. To help our community through this difficult time, we’ve developed the Paddle Support Package (PSP). The Package is designed to:
• help Clubs around Australia through the impact of COVID-19 and assist them to be best positioned as we come out of lockdown
• help members maintain their membership and get more value from their membership while some benefits (such as access to clubs and competition) are unavailable due to COVID-19 restrictions

There are four key elements in the Paddle Support Package:
1. To help lighten the load a little, there is a 25% discount on 2020/21 PA and SPA fees for Club members on renewals and new memberships until the end of December this year when payments are made via the PA Membership and Events Portal (GoMembership).
2. The establishment of The Paddle On Foundation to help those in need keep paddling with their Club. New and renewing members affected by COVID-19 can make an application to the Foundation for support with their PA, PSA and Club membership. Members who are able will have the opportunity to make a tax-deductible donation to the Foundation to support their fellow paddlers.
3. Club members can gain free access to our new, online Introduction to Coaching course so they can upskill while they have time and can help coach new members when Clubs reopen. Club members who complete all course elements by 30 September 2020 will receive 12 months free registration as an Introductory Coach.
4. And we’re offering a three-month extension for all current PA qualification holders given they haven’t been able to use their qualifications for a while. Qualification end dates will be automatically extended.

Paddle Australia and our State Paddle Associations have had several requests from Paddle Clubs and disciplines seeking guidance in relation to the decisions that they are making as to what activities can take place and what extra precautions should be considered to minimise the risk of the spread of COVID-19. Paddle Australia stresses that decisions need to be made by each Paddle Club taking into account the different and unique circumstances in which they operate.

Please see the attached guidance document which is provided based on the best information available as at 19th March 2020. Further updates will be provided as new advice on the control of the spread of COVID-19 becomes available. Paddlers and Paddle Clubs are advised to refer to advice on the dedicated pages on the PA Website and the regular updates on that page in particular.

Yours in paddling,

Paddle Australia


After your Induction, there will be coaching/paddling sessions available on Sundays, 9:30 a.m. For more information, see "Coaching and Instruction options" under Coaching on the above menu.